Case studies

Steplab is more than just a professional learning platform—we also work with the community to develop and test approaches to school improvement. We'll share our thinking here as we go.

Building Support Systems at St Luke's

Case study • 18 Nov '22
Alex Evans

Introduction from Josh

To achieve the desired impact from an Instructional Coaching programme, schools need to get two things right: first, schools need to ensure that coaches are skilled in their jobs, that they are helping teachers work towards high-quality, evidence based teaching goals, and delivering feedback that helps move teachers forwards....

Making Coaching Work at Woodham

Case study • 7 Nov '22
Sarah Dickinson
Anya Thomas

At Woodham, we passionately believe that any whole school change needs to be routed in evidence and be ‘problem orientated.’ For the programme to be successful we knew it required meticulous execution: searching out barriers and overcoming them (Fletcher-Wood, 2022).