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About Steplab

Steplab is the professional development platform for schools that really works. Over 400 Trusts and 100,000 teachers have already achieved impressive results with our Responsive Coaching model - coaching that works for everyone in your school.

How is Steplab different

Built by school leaders, Steplab supercharges school improvement with its unique model.

Responsive coaching. Our flexible model that responds to every individual's needs.

Leadership development. Better leaders drive better results with responsive school improvement.

Active community. School and trust leaders support and share success via our Coaching Hubs.

Support from our team. Full implementation guidance and resources from Steplab experts.

Evidence-based. The science of learning sits at the heart of Steplab's highly effective approach.

Results analytics. Review impact across your school or trust with detailed data and analytics.

Professional development for schools and trusts

Trust and school leaders use Steplab to empower their teams through responsive coaching. Steplab's fully customisable experience makes it easy to implement effective professional development for everyone.

What every user gets

Steplab is a fully customisable professional development platform and app, packed with step-by-step content based on the science of learning and modelled by 100s of in-classroom videos. Our flexible coaching framework and detailed analytics empower coaching pairs and leaders - helping to support and celebrate their progress over time.

Steplab platform

Access thousands of granular steps, hundreds of model videos and a suite of learning modules, spanning subjects and phases for teachers at all stages

Steplab app

Coaches use the pioneering Steplab video app to record classroom insights, then mark up the footage with feedback using our seamless and intuitive tech

Our community

Instantly become a part of our active community of Steplab schools, including our 15 UK Steplab Hubs which host in-person training and networking days

Proactive support

Access support, implementation advice and daily masterclasses from our team of former school leaders with their invaluable experience and expert knowledge
We really do believe that the quality of teaching in our schools has got better because of Steplab's responsive coaching model

Siobhan Meredith, Executive Director of Education - Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust

Steplab partners

We are proud to partner with some of the most innovative organisations shaping the future of evidence-based practices in education in the UK and beyond.

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Find out how Steplab works - and discover what it can do to transform professional development in your school or trust - with a short, no-obligation demo with a member of our experienced team.

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