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Training & Support

Teaching is one of the most complex jobs on the planet. Improving it in ways that work and last requires internal expertise as well as powerful tools. Here are 5 types of training and support Steplab provides to reliably improve teaching:
1. Dedicated support

Our team of Coaching Development Leads (CDLs) are on hand to help you with all of your implementation needs.

All members of our team are previous school leaders who have experience in implementing coaching in schools or across groups of schools.

Our CDL team will take time to understand your context and provide bespoke support throughout your time working with Steplab.

2. Online Training

Our online ‘Coaching Skills Builder’ course consists of 19 modules, each approximately 15 minutes in duration, that tackle key aspects of skilled feedback, modelling, rehearsal, and coaching.

Our ‘Steplab Coaching Programme’ contains downloadable, customisable PD sessions and resources that support leaders to deliver in-person training to teachers, coaches and leaders.

3. Coaching Hubs

Coaching Hubs are schools that are taking a highly intentional approach to professional development and are seeing good things happen (and getting great results).

Our hubs host visits so you can see their approach to professional development in action. They can help you figure out how to make it work for your context, and provide bottomless tea & biscuits for all visitors ;)

4. Certificate in Coaching Leadership

Our Certificate in Coaching Leadership helps leaders to make instructional coaching work in their school, increase the impact of coaching, and develop coaching leadership.

The course includes three in-person days in the year, and two local school visits. The rest is remote, with expert sessions, independent study and regular calls with a small group of coaching leads. You can expect to spend a couple of hours on the programme most weeks.

5. Leading edge thinking

Steplab is committed not only to developing the world’s most powerful approach to improving teaching, but also to sharing what we learn as we go.

We continue to update our resources pages with research papers, essays, and case studies related to effective school improvement.

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