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Steplab Australia: Certificate in Coaching Leadership, 2024
News • 27 Oct '23
Ollie Lovell

Applications close 10pm AEDT, Feb 1st, 2024

Are you responsible for leading coaching in your school or are you keen to take on this role soon?

Are you:

  • Trying to make instructional coaching work (or work better) in your school or across multiple schools?
  • Wondering what you can do to increase the impact of coaching in your context?
  • Searching for guidance on how to overcome common challenges to coaching culture and implementation?

The Steplab Certificate in Coaching Leadership is here! We think it’s what you’re looking for.

The Certificate is a year-long course designed to support anyone leading coaching to build true coaching expertise and set up a thriving coaching program in their school, or across multiple schools. We will run both an East Coast and a West Coast of Australia cohort in 2024!

Our first Australian cohort launches in January 2024, and there are only 100 places available in cohort 1. Read on to find out more about what’s included and how to apply. We also encourage you to watch the overview video here.

Curriculum - what you will learn

The Certificate in Coaching Leadership broadly follows the four terms of the Australian school year, with a different focus each term. Below is an overview of the curriculum:

Module 1: Effective pedagogy

Effective coaches have an expert grasp of quality teaching and learning. In line with this, Module 1 builds a solid foundation for all subsequent modules by ensuring that all participants have rich knowledge in a multitude of pedagogical areas. In this module, participants will also be prompted to begin thinking about their whole-school vision of quality instruction.

Module 2: Effective coaching

In Module 2, participants will be supported to build a broad and deep range of knowledge and skills in support of quality instructional coaching. With practical advice, practice, and feedback provided on everything from gathering classroom data to navigating the trickiest parts of coaching conversations, participants will be scaffolded towards coaching expertise.

Module 3: Leading coaching

Leading an effective coaching program requires the ability to support others in your school to coach effectively. Module 3 prepares participants to do this by introducing principles of effective professional development, and providing time and space to prepare and practice training others in pedagogy and coaching.

Module 4: Implementation for sustainability

Module 4 focuses on designing and implementing systems of coaching in the school context. What will it take to sustainably embed coaching in your school context to ensure long-term benefits for both staff and students?

Designers and facilitators

The Certificate in Coaching Leadership is designed and delivered by an expert team including Ollie Lovell, Josh Goodrich, Harry Fletcher-Wood, Peps Mccrea, Ania Townsend and Rachel Sewell.

Structure and Assessments

One-shot professional development often leaves participants feeling excited, but lacks the follow-up required to maintain momentum for long-term impact. The CCL is designed to address this common challenge.


There will be two 2-day intensives throughout the year.

Intensive 1 will sit between Module 1: Effective pedagogy and Module 2: Effective coaching. The two days are designed to prepare all participants to be confident and competent instructional coaches, ready to make impact in their contexts.

Intensive 2 sits at the beginning of Module 3: Leading Coaching, and is centred around principles of effective professional development, how to run group rehearsal, identifying and supporting specific coaching needs in those coaches who we are training, how to use the Steplab platform to have whole-school coaching oversight, designing the right coaching structure for your school, and using cycles of iterative problem solving in your school context.

In between days 1 and 2 of both the intensives there will also be a networking dinner to provide participants with an opportunity to connect and learn from each other in a less formal setting. Attendance at both intensives is necessary to gain the certificate.

Fortnightly curriculum content

Each fortnight, participants will be provided with a collection of learning materials (readings, podcasts, videos) to support ongoing learning and increasing expertise. This content will then be reinforced through assigned activities and group calls.

N.B. Activities will include recording video footage of yourself teaching or coaching, reflecting on coaching conversations, considering how readings apply to your context, and developing resources to be used in your context.

Fortnightly group calls

In addition to intensives, there will also be four small-group calls each term. The purpose of these calls is to support participants to stay accountable to their learning, plans, and progress. Participants from cohorts 1 and 2 in the UK have emphasised the value of these group calls for maintaining momentum, reinforcing learning, and building a strong support network.


Intensives, curriculum content, and group calls will also be supplemented by several webinars spread throughout the year.


There will be a range of assessments throughout the Certificate to ensure your competence in each of the areas. These assessments will be centred around practical tasks and your reflections on practical tasks, such as recording and analysing yourself coaching, creating action plans, and training others in your school context. Assessments must be completed in order to gain the certificate.


To be eligible for the Certificate you must:

  • Be in a position to coach someone on a weekly or fortnightly basis from mid Term 1 2024 onwards
  • Be able to design and lead training for at least one other person from Term 3 2024 onwards
  • Have the support of your senior leadership team to make instructional coaching work in your school (N.B we will also contact your principal to make them aware of the course's requirements and ensure they can commit to supporting you through the course)
  • Be able to attend the two 2-day intensives (see below for dates and locations)
  • Be able to attend a minimum of 80% of the group calls
  • Be able to dedicate a minimum of 2 hours per week to learning content and assignments and complete 80% of learning assignments
  • Complete all assessments to an appropriate standard

Dates, pricing and the application process

Intensives (attend either East or West coast)

East Coast Intensives

  • Intensive 1: Thurs March 14th and Fri 15th, 2024 - Melbourne
  • Intensive 2: Thurs 25th July and Fri 26th, 2024 - Melbourne

West Coast Intensives

  • Intensive 1: Thurs March 7th and Fri 8th, 2024 - Perth
  • Intensive 2: Thurs July 18th and Fri 19th, 2024 - Perth

Group calls (all participants required)

  • 4 each term, each a fortnight apart. A variety of times will be made available, including just after school, before dinner, and after dinner. All relevant timezones will be catered for

Launch Webinar (all participants required)

  • February 8th, 8-10pm AEST


  • $4,550 + GST for participants from a school already signed up to Steplab.
  • $4,950 + GST for participants from a school without an existing Steplab account. This price also includes the minimum 4 Steplab user licenses required for the course.

The application process

The application process is as follows:

  1. Complete the application form here
  2. We will then contact your principal to ensure that you have full support and release for the required training dates
  3. Following this, we will provide you with the booking link that can be used to register for the course. Your position is secured upon payment.

We hope to see you on the Certificate in Coaching Leadership!

Please direct any questions to [email protected]

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