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How can Steplab improve your school?

Steplab was built to provide schools with everything they need to improve teaching. Here are 10 ways we can help:
1. Hundreds of precise, actionable techniques

An essential ingredient for great professional development is the provision of concrete, granular techniques for teachers, TAs and Pastoral Leaders.

Steplab provides hundreds of granular techniques, or ‘steps’. These can be used as examples of 'what good looks like', and easily adapted to different contexts.

2. High quality online courses

Steplab provides a suite of PD courses on the why, what and how of our teaching techniques.

Using our course editor, you can also create your own PD modules to provide training for techniques used in your schools.

3. Support for great quality coaching conversations

Using our diagnosis tool when watching lessons, coaches are guided to select the most powerful action step, every time.

Our tools help coaches provide clear models of excellent teaching and complete multiple rounds of high-quality rehearsal.

4. Great models of teaching in action

Action steps are paired with high-quality video models of great teaching.

Steplab allows you to film and use your own video models in place of ours, so you can build a vision of excellent teaching that is tailored to your context.

5. Support for training great coaches

Our Coaching Skills Builder helps train brilliant coaches by showing what great coaching looks like, sharing powerful coaching techniques, and offering succinct, usable guidance.

Having a cadre of great coaches across a school is critical to driving improvements in teaching.

6. Professional development that fits with school priorities

Our sequence builder allows you to shape our expertly crafted and evidence-informed steps to fit your own priorities.

You can change our terminology to fit with the language you use, and even write content completely from scratch.

7. Data on coaching and teaching improvements

Leaders can analyse and respond to coaching data at the school or across a group of schools.

This is great for leaders across groups of schools who want to see how their coaching programme is working on a large scale, across geographically distant schools.

8. Data for deeper understanding

Steplab supports leaders to delve into exactly what each teacher is working on.

This helps inform future professional development sessions, wider school improvement, and indicates how key priorities are translating into better outcomes.

9. School comparison data & graphs

Steplab helps you to build a detailed picture of the progress your coaching programme makes over time, including the ability to compare departments within your school and across groups of schools.

This allows leaders to identify and recognise best practice, and provide additional support to those who need it most.

10. Focus area overviews

Detailed analysis at classroom, department, and school level regarding which teaching areas are being focussed on and when.

This can help shape professional development and school priorities and at the same time show how those priorities are making a difference in classrooms.

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