Steplab is more than just a professional learning platform—we also work with the community to develop and test approaches to school improvement. We'll share our thinking here as we go.

The Evidence and Rationale Behind Steplab

Paper • 3 Nov '22
Josh Goodrich
Arielle Boguslav

In this paper, we outline the theoretical and research basis for the Steplab approach to IC. We summarise the challenges of developing a theory of teacher learning and outline an approach to IC that supports teachers to develop technical skill, judgement and move towards adaptive expertise.

A Beginner's Guide to Instructional Coaching

Paper • 3 Nov '22
Peps Mccrea

Instructional coaching is one of the best ways for schools to improve teaching. We’ve pulled together this Beginner’s Guide to help share what we’ve learned about effective instructional coaching and how to make it work. It only scratches the surface, but will hopefully act as a useful ‘beginners guide’ for the system.