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Introducing the Steplab Certificate in Coaching Leadership
News • 24 Nov '22
Harry Fletcher-Wood

Are you responsible for leading coaching in your school? Are you:

  • Trying to make instructional coaching work (better) in your school (or trust)?
  • Wondering what you can do to increase the impact of coaching?
  • Searching for ways to improve your coaching leadership – and looking for people to learn from?

The Steplab Certificate in Leading Coaching is here. We think it’s what you’re looking for.

Our second cohort launches in September, and there are a limited number of places. Sign up at [email protected] now – or read on for why.

Three reasons to sign up

1. Learning tailored to help you build a great coaching team

The Certificate in Leading Coaching is uniquely tailored to support the coaching lead. It will:

  • Build your coaching expertise – and support you to share that expertise with your coaching team
  • Guide you in recruiting, training and supporting a highly effective coaching team
  • Help you to make instructional coaching work as a core part of a coherent teacher development programme

2. Carefully curated learning experiences

The Certificate has been painstakingly designed to give you the chance to:

  • See great coaching
  • Hear from the experts
  • Visit schools building effective coaching programmes
  • Build lasting relationships with fellow coaching leads

The programme weaves these experiences together: you will see, hear about, practise, discuss and master new learning.

3. A rigorous and reasonable experience

  • The programme is rigorous. We will push you to think hard, improve your practice & transform your coaching programme.
  • It’s also reasonable. It’s designed to fit around the busy life of a coaching lead. We won’t waste a moment of your time.

What do I need to know?

  • When does it start? It’s a year-long programme, launching in September 2023.
  • Where and when is it? Three in-person days in the year, and two local school visits. The rest is remote, with expert sessions, independent study and regular calls with a small group of coaching leads. You can expect to spend a couple of hours on the programme most weeks.
  • What does it cost? For schools using Steplab, there is a fee of £595: a two-day course’s cost, for a year’s learning.
  • How do I sign up? Contact [email protected]

Important note: This is for UK Steplab partner schools. We hope to offer this same certificate for other regions soon.

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