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Coaching: 4 Implementation Challenges And How To Defuse Them

Essay • 28 Apr '22
Josh Goodrich
Arielle Boguslav

Every school we know of that has ‘successfully’ implemented Instructional Coaching changes something about their coaching programme every single year. Implementing instructional coaching isn’t a finite challenge that you can eventually complete. Instead we argue that, like teaching, implementing Instructional Coaching consists of ‘persistent challe...

Coaching and Diagnosis: Part 2

Essay • 2 Feb '22
Josh Goodrich

Coaching & Diagnosis

Part 2: Single Steps & Change Sequences

In these posts on diagnosis in coaching, I argue that we should move away from a focus on the next highest-leverage step, and towards the idea of a coaching curriculum.

In part 1, I introduced the two differing cases of Paul and Gillian and argued that:

  • Effective coaching is abo...

Coaching and Diagnosis: Part 1

Essay • 3 Jan '22
Josh Goodrich

Coaching & Diagnosis

Part 1: Solving Problems & Setting Goals

The central idea of Instructional Coaching is deceptively simple. As a coach, we watch a teacher in action, help them to select a 'high leverage' change (Bambrick-Santoyo, 2016) - a teaching strategy that will make a big difference to the learning of their students - and work wi...

Change Vs. Stasis: A Core Tension In Teacher Development

Essay • 3 May '21
Josh Goodrich

"This job you’re doing is so hard that one lifetime isn’t enough to master it. So every single one of you needs to accept the commitment to carry on improving our practice until we retire or die. That is the deal." - Dylan Wiliam

As teacher educators, it's important to be clear about our aims:

  • Teacher change...
  • ...contributing to improved studen...

Responsive Coaching In Action

Essay • 14 Mar '21
Josh Goodrich

How can we use Instructional Coaching to transform teacher quality when we don't agree about what it is and who it's for? This series is about redefining what we talk about when we talk about Instructional Coaching.

This is the final part in the series.